Companion app for IOS & Android.
Idea shared by Mike Goldberg - 7/16/2018 at 9:34 AM
Under Consideration
Can you create an IOS & Android companion app for our websites?  Quick and easy access to contact lists, document libraries and duty schedules would be of great benefit to our membership. 

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Ron Raley Replied
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Our Members Area tools are fully functional on mobile device web browsers. Also a user can make an icon or bookmark on their phone very easily.
That being said, there is still value in an app. An app could bypass the login once set the first time. Also, an app is easy to download and install from the marketplaces.
The disadvantage for our team is that apps should be built across 3 major platforms now, iPhone, Android, and now Microsoft.
We will certainly research the feasibility of this request. Thanks for your feedback!
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