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Idea shared by Devin Hunt - 7/16/2018 at 10:29 AM
Have an option in each news article to allow it to appear on the home page or not. In order to remove a news article from the homepage it needs to be taken offline, at which point it disappears from the archive page. I'd like to have all historical news articles kept on the news archive page but not display all of them on the home page.

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Tyler Raley Replied
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I have talked this over with the team and we do, in fact, wish to proceed with this feature.  In addition to opting for the news story to be on the homepage or not, we will have another field called Featured News Story, which will bump the story to the top, regardless of date.  But your suggestion will be helpful for some customers that wish to have only a couple news stories on the homepage -OR- move a news story into the archive and get it off the front page because an event has already passed.
Thank you for your feedback.
Great. This is good news! Thanks for the reply.

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