Updating Web Pages using Content Management

To Add or Edit the pages of your website you must first be a Member. Once you have logged into the Member Area you will see a menu to the left that says User Menu beneath that menu you will see Administration Menu. Click on the Content Management option on the menu. Once there it will give you a table of Contents of the pages that can be edited of your website. Choose the one you wish to add or edit the content of. Once you have chose from the links you will see a file that says default.cfm, next to that file you will see a small icon of a magnifying glass, pencil, rename icon, disk, and a trash can. Click on the pencil icon. This will bring you to a page editor that is very similar to Microsoft word. From here you can add text, different fonts, sizes, colors, tables, pics etc.. Once you have completed the content you wish to add click on the link on the top of the page that say Save Changes.

*If you do not Save Changes and you change pages or close out you will lose all information.