How to Create an Announcement

Once you are in the members area you can create a new Announcement through two ways. On the Members Area Home Page at the very top there is a link that says New Announcement or you can use the User Menu on the left and go to Online Tools and then choose Announcements.
Once there, their is a link at the top that says New Announcement. Once you have clicked on the New Announcement button you will be able to enter a Title for your announcement, the title will be visible from the members home screen. You then have the message memo which is where you post the main part of your message. Make sure you set your expiration date the default is 7 days from the time you submit your post. You also have the ability to add attachments to your announcements, these can be photos, documents or even small audio or video files, to add an Attachment simply click on the Add Attachment Button under the Expiration Date. Once you have pressed this button a dialog will expand below and you can click the Add Files button to add the desired files then click upload. You can also delete your uploads or clear all uploads using the buttons on the bottom of the up-loader tool.
Now that everything is correct and your ready to post this announcement press the "Submit Announcement" button in the top right corner of the page. Once you press this button your post will be visible on the members area of the website and will be emailed to all members that have subscribed to E-alerts in their account settings.
Announcement Features:
  • Headline
  • Status (Administrators Only)
  • Memo
  • Expiration Date
  • Attachment(s)