How to Upload a Document to the Document Library

In order to upload a document to the Document Library you must first be a member. Once you have logged into the Members Area of your website it will open to the Members Area Home Page. Once there you can upload a document to the Document Library by two ways. First on the homepage at the very bottom, the last section you will see Document Library. To the left there is a link that will say View Document Library. The Second is to use the User Menu and choose Online Tools where you will select Document Library. This will bring you to a page that will display the table of contents of documents you have uploaded to your Document Library. At the very top you will see a link that says New Document. Once you have clicked on the link it will ask you for the title of the Document and other information pertaining to the document you will be uploading. At the bottom it will ask you to Add Attachment this will let you Browse through your files and chose the file you wish to upload. Once you have chosen you file click Open and then the file will show up in the Add Attachment section. Once it is there click on the button to the right that says Add Attachment. Once that is done click on the link to the top right that says Submit Document. Then You will see your document added to the table of contents of documents.