Adding and Managing Profiles

In order to manage your website's Profiles you must first be an administrator of the website... or a moderator for the Public Profiles section given by the administrator. First you must log into the  Members Area and into the Member Home Page. On the left beneath the User Menu you will see Administration Menu. There you will choose Website Management. This will bring to a page that lists all the features that can be managed for your website. You will see a link that says Public Profiles. Once you have clicked on the link it will bring you to a list of all the entries that are currently made for your website. If you wish to add a new profile you can click on the link at the top left that says New Profile. There you can add the information pertaining to that person you are adding. Once you have finished click on the link at the top right the says Add Profile. This will give you a preview of the profile, if you wish to add pictures to the profile you can scroll to the bottom and click on the link of the bottom right that says Edit Images. Here you can browse for images you would like to have in the profile and then click on the button on the bottom that says Add Image. Once it has finished uploading you can return to the profile page. Once you are completed you can go back to the list that lists the profiles. This is also where you can make them public or take offline.