How to Create "Sign Up Sheets"

Firehouse Solutions Signup Sheets completely eliminates the need to print out and post traditional paper sign up sheets at your station. Sign Up Sheets can be used for a wide verity of things ranging from Duty Crews, Clothing Orders, Special Events, Fund Raisers & so much more. 

Creating a Sign Up Sheet is as easy as scrolling down to the "Sign Up Sheets" section in the members section. This brings you to the Sign Up Sheets page, from here members can view all active signup sheets and administrators can view all active, inactive and expired signup sheets.

Creating a Sign Up Sheet
Click on "New Sign Up Sheet" this brings you to a blank Sign Up Sheet where your specific info can be entered. Below is a guideline and examples of what can be entered in each field

Title: Brief Description of event or item here
  • New Engine 372 T- Shirt Order
  • Special Olympics Torch Run
  • Funeral Detail
  • Fire Fighter 1 Class Sign Up 
  • Carnival
Status: Pending Approval, Offline, Online & Locked
  • Pending Approval - Option of having Sign Up Sheets approved by an administrator prior to being view able by members
  • Offline - Administrator or Sign Up Sheet Originator can choose to toggle a Sign Up Sheet Off, This disables other members from viewing it
  • Online - Default Status of a new Sign Up Sheet with a future date when 
  • Locked - Default Status for an expired Sign Up Sheet
Closing Date: This is the date you would like the Sign Up Sheet to be removed from membership access.

Point of Contact: Who should be contacted for this Sign Up Sheet, If its you don't forget to put your name here.

Allow Notes: This allows members to enter a note next to their name upon signing up. Some Examples of uses below
  • T-Shirt Size
  • Cell phone number for Department Texts
  • Guests attending
  • Shift Requirements (i.e. need to leave an hour early)
Allow Removal: This box when selected allows the member to remove themselves from the sign up sheet 

Display Slot Numbers: Displays a number in numerical order next to each entry in the sign up sheet

Memo: Place a detailed description here of the event, item or class  

Attachments: This field allows you to attach items such as Photos, Videos or Documents that can be viewed from the sign up sheet.

Number of Slots: This field allows you to choose how many people can sign up per group.

Push to Calendar: This field allows you to choose if you would like this event automatically added to your department calendar. It is necessary to select a calendar to automatically populate.

Add Group (Button): This will create a list below with the determined number of slots that have been chosen above, you can repeat this process for however many groups you need.

Group Name: This field is used to label a particular group, each group can have its own label. This is ideal for sizes, apparatus, shifts, dates, locations & more
  • Engine 271
  • 7/21/2013 Shift A (0600-1200)
  • 7/21/2013 Shift B (1130-1800)
  • Small Shirts
  • Large Pants
  • Carnival Friday Night
Position: This field is used to label the individuals role he/she is signing up for and is optional if needed, this could be used for a wide variation of things. See examples below.
  • Ferris wheel operator
  • Driver
  • Line Man
  • Lay Out 
  • Bucket Operator
  • Officer
  • Funnel Cake Stand
  • Boat Captain
Remove Group (Button): This will remove the current group

Remove Slot (Button): This will remove the selected slot

Administrators View

The admin view is very similar to the membership view with the exception that you can view all offline, closed & locked Sign Up Sheets in addition to the active signup sheets. Sign up sheet originators and administrators also have a Log that shows who has been added and removed in chronological order.

If you have any other questions or need help with Sign Up Sheets feel free to contact the support staff at anytime.