How to Integrate Your Display Board with Active911

First, obtain a Refresh Token from ActiveAlert (formerly Active911).  You must have Edit Agency permission in ActiveAlert to complete this task.
1. Log into Active911 at
3. Ensure all permissions are selected and press "Submit Query".
4. Choose the agency you want to create a token for and press "Submit Query".
5. On the confirmation page, press "Yes".
6. Take note of the Refresh Token that Expires in 1 year.
Next, obtain the Latitude and Longitude coordinates of your station (or location).
2. Enter the physical address of your station in Place Name and press "Find".
3. Take note of the Latitude and Longitude data.
Next, obtain a Google Maps API Key.
1. Using any Google Account, visit
2. If a project has not yet been created, a prompt will allow you to register your application by creating a new project.
3. Once you have made it to the Dashboard, click "Enable APIs and Services".
4. Enable Google Maps Javascript API and Google Maps Directions API.
5. Back to the Dashboard, click Credentials > Create credentials > API Key
6. Take note of your API key that is generated.
7. If you would like to secure your API key, you can do so by HTTP referrers, IP address, etc.  This is not required.
Finally, plug all of this information into your display board.
1. On the Display Board Edit Screen, Change ActiveAlert Integration to Yes.
2. Insert the ActiveAlert Refresh Token.
3. Insert the Latitude and Longitude coordinates of your station (or location).
4. Insert the Google Maps API Key.
5. Set the Keep Alive to 15 minutes.  This is the amount of time the Emergency Alert Screen will remain displayed during an incident.
6. If your organization is paged through an ActiveAlert Pagegroup Prefix, enter the two-letter prefix.