Firefighter Profiles Instructions

After correcting a few minor issues, the Firefighter Profiles feature is ready for wide release.  To manage the profiles, simply log into your Members Area and select Website Management > Profile Management.  This will allow you to create profile records and assign which member will have access to update them.

You can also manage Profile Fields and Types under the Field Lists menu in the Members Area.  You will want to ensure that you have all of the text and memo fields set before populating information into the profiles.  A few default fields have been set and can be altered quite easily.

Finally, we ask that you open a support ticket by e-mailing us at  Please define which section(s) you would like the profile feature to replace.  The feature can replace multiple sections as long as they are defined as profile types.  For example, you may want to replace sections called Officers, Board of Directors, and Members.  The profile feature can replace each of these sections as long as there are profile types called Officers, Board of Directors, and Members.

As always, let us know if you have any questions.  Thanks from the FS Team.