SmarterMail Features Released and More

After thorough analysis and testing, Firehouse Solutions will make the following upgrades to our mail server, effective immediately:
  • You may now auto-forward messages to AOL and Comcast e-mail addresses
  • You may now create and manage mailing lists in SmarterMail
  • Disk storage space for each domain has been increased to 3 gigabytes
These changes we're made possible with our new dedicated server environment.  A new mail server was introduced several months ago.  This server provided us with a ton of disk space along with a faster processor, which allowed our team to allocate more features.

We have also added spam filtering to outgoing SMTP connections.  This allows us to auto-forward e-mail messages to AOL and Comcast after Spam has been removed.  So we can ensure that the probability of us being blacklisted in minimal.

We hope you enjoy these upgrades!