Server Stability, Guestbook Spam, and Content Management

In response to recent server instabilities, our team has successfully tested and upgraded the web application server to a faster 64-bit environment.  This upgraded software utilizes RAM (random access memory) much more efficiently, which has ultimately fixed the HTTP 503.0 errors some visitors we're seeing when viewing the websites.

The guestbook spam issue has also been corrected.  Originally, a CAPTCHA image was used on the guestbook entry form to ensure a human is processing the form, versus an automated computer.  Our first attempt to alleviate guestbook spam was to set the CAPTCHA image difficulty setting from low to high.  After several days of testing, this method proved to be unsuccessful.  We we're finally able to fix the issue by deploying a mathematical question to the user to solve.  This has proved to be extremely effective.  Since the fix, our team has also removed any "existing" spam messages found in the guestbooks.

Finally, we have upgraded the HTML editing tool within the content management section.  The tool includes a cleaner interface, better performance, and intuitive image management.  Feel free to start using the new editing tool by simply editing your web pages.  As always, let us know if you have any questions.