SmarterTools Integration and Upgrades

Firehouse Solutions has recently upgraded SmarterStats to Version 6.3.  The newest version has a redesigned interface, new reporting items, dual axis charting, and many more exciting features which allow administrators to view the most accurate and detailed statistics for your website.

Through an effort to integrate SmarterStats with your website, we have provided the following Website Statistics feature, which is available to administrators:

1. Log into the Members Area
2. Under the Administration Menu, Select Website Statistics
3. Click Access SmarterStats

Additionally, our team has been testing SmarterMail Version 8.  We will be upgrading SmarterMail to Version 8.2.4212 at 2300 hours on Monday, August 1, 2011.  The upgrade will take approximately 15 minutes.  Since the upgrade process requires a restart, access to e-mail may be intermittent during this time.

SmarterMail 8 offers improved contact sharing, touch-and-go functionality, improved synchronization, improved message management, enhanced signature options, password retrieval, improved performance, and cleaner administration.  If you have any questions about these upgrades, feel free to contact us via