Mail Server Security, Information, and Upgrades

Killing the Spam

Over the past few months, our team received feedback from customers indicating that unwanted spam was clogging many user accounts.  In a few cases, the spam was so intense that it caused accounts to become unusable.  In response, we contacted SmarterTools and hired a mail server engineer to reevaluate the security settings on our server.  The following mail server adjustments have been made across all domains:
  • Deactivate SpamAssassin Pattern Matching
  • Activate CommTouch Premium Antispam (Boosting spam protection to 99.5%)
  • Activate Greylisting as a method of defending against spam
  • Activate Barracuda Reputation Block List
  • Provide more memory for Bayesian Filtering
  • Adjust Weights and Filtering Accordingly

After the above changes were made, the engineer tested several accounts known to be heavily spammed.  The new configuration has provided excellent results with a significant reduction in spam.  Additionally, the engineer assisted us to set triggers and safeguards in place in the event spammers access user accounts within our mail server.  We have decided to adopt this configuration and expect it to be a solid and reliable solution for our customers.

New E-mail Server Information Page

After receiving multiple requests to assist in setting up e-mail on computers, smartphones, and other electronic devices, our team has created a web page outlining the mail server settings.  Feel free to visit our E-mail Server Information page which outlines the recommend settings to establish IMAP service.

SmarterMail 9 is Here

Finally, we will be upgrading the mail server software to the newest version, SmarterMail 9, on Wednesday, February 15, 2012 at 0200 hours.  The upgrade will require a server restart and should only take approximately 10 minutes.  SmarterMail 9 offers many exciting features, which include:

  • Improved Synchronization with Microsoft Outlook and Apple Mail
  • Instant Messaging
  • Interface Enhancements for Mobile Devices
  • SMTP Authentication for Outgoing Messages
  • Outgoing Spam Quarantine
  • Outgoing Virus Quarantine
  • Administrative Enhancements

As always, our team strives to provide a fast, easy, and reliable electronic mail solution for our customers.  Any feedback is appreciated.