Update to Content Management System and Members Area Security

On Friday, August 3, the Firehouse Solutions Team performed a small upgrade on to the content management system and made some modifications to the security menus within the Members Area.

First of all, you will notice that the content management tool now has the capability to display when a section was last updated and who performed the update.

Additionally, we have fixed two bugs in the content management area:

1) Users may now use special characters in file names and the website will not error.

2) Flash movies, YouTube videos, and music files can be embedded within web pages.  The site had been known to remove the embed tag that is used to support these controls.

Finally, we have made a few organizational changes to the Members Area security.  Under Website > Website Control Panel, there are now three menus at the top, which include: Administrators, Content Managers, and Website Managers.  This replaces the User Roles menu.  The functionality is the same, but we felt that placing the menus in this arrangement provides better organization and a more defined understanding of Members Area security.