SmarterMail 11 Upgrade

SmarterMail 11 Upgrade

Firehouse Solutions will be upgrading the mail server software to the newest version, SmarterMail 11, on Monday, April 1, 2013 at 0100 hours.  The upgrade will require a server restart and should only take approximately 10 minutes.  SmarterMail 11 offers many exciting features.

SmarterTools spent a great deal of time benchmarking SmarterMail and then making changes to increase the level of performance across the board.  In many instances they saw increases of 70% or more in the speed and responsiveness of the SmarterMail 11.x interface. They have also seen huge decreases in memory and CPU usage, even under extremely heavy loads.  All of this means that the product runs much quicker and much more efficiently than previous versions.

Some of the changes they have made include:

  • Re-factored and completely re-written areas of the web interface to reduce the amount of JavaScript code, CSS and HTML, making the entire web interface much faster, much more responsive and much lighter weight.
  • CSS files have been converted to LESS, making stylesheets much smaller and more efficient.
  • The button bars were re-factored to be lighter weight controls.
  • The context menus were re-factored to be lighter weight controls.
  • The date pickers were re-factored to be lighter weight controls.
  • The tree view controls were re-factored to be lighter weight controls.
  • Greatly increased the performance of the Web interface.
  • Replaced the message editor control with a more lightweight control.
  • SmarterMail Service memory has been drastically reduced using SpamAssasin.

If you have any questions regarding this upgrade, please contact our web team at or call us at 301-475-1900.