Members Area Interface and Live Chat

Over the past few months, the Firehouse Solutions Team has been developing an improved Members Area interface.  The new interface takes advantage of wider monitor screens (1024x768) and also supports vertical menu navigation.  Additionally, the interface includes an advanced timeout warning so that users know when their session is about to expire.

The navigation will be better organized and include a User Menu and Administration Menu.  As always, the User Menu will allow members to use online tools, contribute news and events, check e-mail, etc.  The Administration Menu will include quicker access to content management, website management, and the control panel.

Along with the new interface, we'll also be including a Live Chat feature.  This will allow members to chat in real-time within the Members Area.  The feature will reveal which members are in the chat room and give users the option to join.  The chat room also includes the ability to send private messages to another user.

We plan to begin rolling out the upgrade to customer websites beginning the week of December 10. Each website will be upgraded and tested. We anticipate very little downtime, however, if there are any usability issues, we will notify you. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at .