Introducing Repeating Events and iCalendar Feeds

Our team is proud to introduce new calendaring upgrades for your website!  We have implemented two very useful and robust features to the online calendar tool, Repeating Events and iCalendar Feeds.  We feel that these features will assist your organization to manage one easy-to-use calendaring system that is accessible to all members.  It also provides sync abilities to the calendar data so that members can pull the information into their own personal calendar apps.
Repeating Events
The repeating events function can be found when entering a new calendar event.  There is a new tab called "Repeat" which allows the user to repeat the event daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly.  When monthly is selected, the user can repeat by day of the week (every 2nd Monday) or day of the month (every 15th of the Month).  Repeating events provides a friendly user experience by allowing entry of meetings, drills, and training quickly and easily without repetitious data entry.
iCalendar Feeds
On the online calendar page, there is a new icon added called "iCalendar Feeds".  iCalendar is a standardized format for exchanging calendar applications (like Google Calendar) to display information published by your organization.  There is a feed URL for each calendar and also a master calendar feed that includes data from all calendars.  This feature allows members to use their preferred calendar application to subscribe to the calendars they are interested in.
Feel free to allow your members to begin using these features.  If you experience any issues, we encourage you to let us know via