SmarterMail Auto-Clean Feature Policy

Firehouse Solutions SmarterMail Users:
The SmarterMail server operating system was successfully upgraded to Windows Server 2012.  Everything is running quick and smoothly at this point.  We will continue monitoring performance of the new server to ensure stability.
Now that we are running SmarterMail 14 on the latest version of Windows Server, our team has decided to adopt a folder auto-clean policy.  The auto-clean policy applies to all SmarterMail users and will automatically delete e-mail messages in the "Junk E-mail" folder and the "Deleted Items" folder that are more than 30 days old.  We feel that this policy coincides with best practices by major e-mail providers across the United States.  It is also the same policy adopted by Google, a company that we trust immensely.
We hope that this policy will help continue to deliver an enjoyable user experience when using SmarterMail.