More Speed and Storage for Thanksgiving

Our team is happy to announce that we have raised disk storage limits for both your Website and SmarterMail.  Package One will now have 20 gigabytes of website disk space and 20 gigabytes of e-mail disk space.  Package Two will now have 10 gigabytes of website disk space and 10 gigabytes of e-mail disk space.
We also wanted to let you know that we have recently upgraded the SmarterMail server to a SSD (solid-state drive).  This new virtual drive increases disk read/write speed from turtle to cheetah, which will provide a much faster user experience.  With the introduction of cloud-based e-mail services and other competitors, we want to let you know that SmarterMail still remains an easy, reliable, and popular e-mail solution for your organization.  SmarterMail is a free option available to customers of Firehouse Solutions.
Happy Thanksgiving!
Web Team