Visitors Can Now Comment on News Stories

Our team is proud to feature an easy-to-use comment tool for news.  This tool gives public website visitors an opportunity to comment on news stories produced by your organization.  We believe that commenting is a safe, quick, and effective way for the community to provide feedback to you and your members.  In fact, here are just a few benefits of commenting:
  • Comments encourage discussion and show that your organization values the opinion of your readers
  • Comments collect feedback and other ideas from your visitors
  • Comments drive traffic to your website
To ensure that your news items remain professional, comments must always be approved by a news manager.  These managers are listed under Website Security > Website Managers > News.
A new tab has been added to news items that allow you to approve comments.  We suggest that your organization discuss and establish criteria for approving comments.  By default, our team has activated comments on your website.  If you wish to opt out of providing comments, simply notify us at and we'll be happy to remove them.