Enforcing SSL using SmarterMail Webmail Client

As we progress further into providing the most secure and reliable e-mail solution possible, our team has implemented a new policy to enforce the use of SSL when using the SmarterMail webmail client.
SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is extremely important because the information sent through the Internet is passed from multiple computers to get the the destination server.  Any computer in between you and the server can see your credit card numbers, usernames and passwords, and other sensitive information if your connection is not encrypted with a SSL certificate.
Therefore, any insecure web link tied to the SmarterMail server will now redirect to the secure web link of https://mail.firehousesolutions.com, which is protected with 256-bit SSL encryption.  This change will not adversely affect the user experience and any existing bookmarks will redirect to the secure link.
The days of surfing through e-mail unsecured are long gone.  This approach is the right thing to do and we're happy to ensure that your firefighters are using the safest communication protocols possible.