Firehouse Solutions Welcomes LightBox Technology

LightBox is a new and innovative technology which allows photos to display through an easy-to-use slideshow format. Currently, clicking on thumbnails in a news story or photo gallery results in a browser popup window, which can often be blocked by browsers and ad blocking software. Lightbox avoids using popup windows entirely. Instead, it uses a trendy flash-based system to overlay larger photos on the web page, while darkening the web page itself. Lightbox works in all modern web browsers. After several weeks of testing, our team will be implementing LightBox technology throughout the news and photo galleries for all websites. This upgrade will occur on Friday morning, March 7, 2008 and will result in no downtime. A demo of the new LightBox feature can be found by clicking on the following photos available in this news story: School Bus Accident in Helen Sends 37 to the Hospital If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via