Various Feature Upgrades thus far in 2019

The Firehouse Solutions Web Team is proud to introduce the following upgrades thus far in 2019:

  • Set different alert tones on an Active911 Integrated Display Board (Requires Browser Refresh)
  • Set a custom background on a Display Board
  • Added E-mail field to Databases
  • Added Descriptions to Database Fields
  • Added a Redirect on Record Add Feature
  • Added the ability to archive databases
  • E-mail Field recipient can be notified on record add, update, and delete
  • Updated the Minimum Password Requirements to at least 8 characters
  • Added Friendly Dates like Today and Yesterday to various modules
  • Automatically use a sign up sheet to generate a calendar event
Our team is continuing to develop new and excited features.  We invite you to contribute your feature request in our community at  Please remember to refresh your display boards daily.  If you have any questions, please let us know via