SSL Encryption Deployment Plan

Beginning August 1, our team will begin a process of registering SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificates for websites that do not not currently have them.  This means that your website will be accessed through a secure connection (https) versus an unsecure connection (http).  The annual cost of a Firehouse Solutions 1-Year 256-Bit SSL Certificate is $150.

There are a variety of reasons to install a SSL certificate on a website:

  • To prevent unauthorized hijacking of data submitted and received by a website visitor
  • Web Browsers are now penalizing unsecure http websites with a broken padlock icon
  • Website visitors are looking for, and expecting, a secure connection
  • Google recently announced that they will begin flagging unencrypted websites
  • Credibility towards your brand, service, and mission

We want to make every effort to ensure that websites powered by Firehouse Solutions are safe and secure.  All in all, adding a SSL certificate is a must have in today's fast paced technology environment.

We hope that all customers will support our SSL Encryption Deployment Plan.  However, if you do not wish to deploy an SSL certificate, please notify us at