Server Upgrades and Network Expansion

Firehouse Solutions will be conducting server migrations on the following date/times:

Friday, September 6 from 2300 hours to 0200 hours - SmarterMail Server
Saturday, September 7 from 2300 hours to 0200 hours - Web Server

During these maintenance windows, web access may become unavailable or intermittent.  While we anticipate the task to take just 1 hour, the maintenance window is 3 hours just in case any issues must be corrected during the upgrades.

We will be upgrading from Windows Server 2012 to Windows Server 2019.  This upgrade ensures that our solutions remain running on the latest and most secure operating systems available.  According to our research, other server administrators have noted significant performance increases after upgrading to Windows Server 2019.

Finally, this weekend's migration will expand our network infrastructure across the continental United States and add additional layers of redundancy and recovery.

Nightly backups will continue taking place, but will now be backed up to the Dallas, Texas data center.  Also, disaster recovery servers are running in Denver, Colorado.  This gives our team the ability to declare and initiate an emergency failover.  During a failover, all systems will automatically switch from Newark, Delaware to Denver, Colorado and remain running as normal.  Once the emergency is mitigated, systems will switch back and resume operations in Newark, Delaware.

We are please to offer these upgrades and invest in our infrastructure at no additional cost.  But most importantly, rest assured that your data and information are in good hands at Firehouse Solutions!