Documents/Meeting Minutes Search and Display Board Upgrades

Firehouse Solutions is pleased to announce the launch of several new tools and features.  First, we have fully indexed all of your meeting minutes and documents in the Members Area so they can searched by keyword.  The search tool supports the following file formats: doc,docx,ppt,pptx,xls,xlsx,pdf,htm,html.

We are also happy to introduce rotating display boards.  A rotating display board can be created to transition through information from multiple display boards at a set increment.  A rotating display board still integrates with Active911 just like a regular display board.  All settings will inherit from the first board selected.  You can deploy a rotating display board right now in the Members Area > Website Management > Display Boards.

Finally, we have made several upgrades to our display board technology overall.  Here are a few of those:

1. Select a theme for your display board (Dark/Light).
2. Show/hide the widget name.
3. Create a Widget without a display board theme (transparent).
4. Set the transition of a rotating display board to Slide or Fade.
5. Cleaned up CSS so that display boards function on all-sized devices.

Soon, we will deploy an email widget so that a display board can check an email at a set interval and display the information. We are also working on various alert screens and formats to choose from.  Finally, we are actively coding a Facebook Auto-Post Auto-Pull feature.

We value our partnership with your organization and if you have any feature requests, we encourage you to register and submit them to our Online Community for further discussion.  If you have not yet taken advantage of display boards or any of our other technologies, we would be happy to Assist You and help automate your organization.

Firehouse Solutions
Web Team