Introducing Microsoft Azure Weather Widgets for Display Boards

Firehouse Solutions is proud to announce our latest display board weather technology, provided by Microsoft Azure Weather Services.  Microsoft recently partnered with and pulls data from the leading worldwide weather provider, AccuWeather.

Our team has built display board widgets around this technology, including Current Weather, Weather Forecasts, and Radar/Infrared Maps.  To use these widgets, simply log into the Members Area > Website Management > Display Boards.  Note: you must obtain your current latitude and longitude coordinates via tool such as  Then, simply plug these coordinates into the weather widget.

There are no API keys required.  The cost is integrated into current Firehouse Solutions fees.  We recommend a dedicated display board for weather in your communications room or apparatus bay.

The Azure Current Weather widget offers temperature, summary, wind direction, wind speed, feels like temperature, humidity, wind gusts, dew point, pressure, and visibility.  The Azure Weather Forecast widget offers hourly and daily forecast information either vertically or horizontally.  Administrators can control the forecast length. The Azure Radar Map offers both high-definition real-time radar and infrared animated mapping.  Administrators can control the map style, size, and zoom level.  Radar maps display precipitation and cloud cover over the past 90 minutes.

We encourage administrators to try these high-quality built-in tools versus other free weather and map widgets, that may include ads.

Display Boards are electronic bulletin boards that run 24/7 on a high-definition television.  They are used to present helpful, life-saving, and real-time information to first responders.  Our Display boards give you complete control and are included at no additonal cost with package 1 or 3.

Please see the below example of a weather display board at 1920x1080.