Aladtec Integration Upgrade, Push to Calendar, and Button Styling

Firehouse Solutions has learned that Aladtec recently made a new API available to their customers. The costs for the new API are the same as the classic API. For simplicity purposes, we would like for our customers to begin using the new API.

However, our current Aladtec display board widgets utilize the classic API. Therefore, our Aladtec display board widgets will require using a new API key on July 19, 2021. Customers with a current classic API key should contact Aladtec, obtain a new API key, and update your display board widget(s) with the new API key provided on or after July 19, 2021.

Using a signup sheet, users can automatically populate the online calendar. We have updated the code so that specific event times can be entered from a signup sheet to populate the calendar event more accurately.

Finally, we are slowly updating button styles in the Members Area. You may have already noticed this. We are moving meticulously with these button upgrades and testing each function as we progress.