Facebook Auto-Pull, New Database Access Level, More Disk Storage, and Google/Microsoft Single Sign On

Firehouse Solutions clients can already auto-post news stories to a Facebook page.  Now, clients can auto-pull news stories from a Facebook page.  The Facebook Auto-Pull connection can be made by Website Administrators or News Managers in the Members Area > Website Management > News.  When creating Facebook posts that are pulled into your website, the post will automatically be parsed to create a news headline.  A news headline is created from the beginning of a Facebook Post and ends with a period, question mark, exclamation point, or carriage return.  Once parsed, the rest of the Facebook Post is deployed as the news story.

We have also added a new Database access level called Updater.  Updaters are members that can add records, view records they have created, and edit records they have created.  This new access level works well for collecting information from your membership and allowing them to update that information without it being viewable by other members.

Since switching to Microsoft Azure Cloud, Firehouse Solutions has taken advantage of competitive disk storage pricing.  Our team has decided to pass this savings along to our customers by increasing disk storage space to 100 gigabytes for Email Disk Space and 100 gigabytes for Website Disk Space.  We hope these new limits will provide plenty of room for your organization to grow.

Finally, for those customers who use Google Workspace or Microsoft 365, Firehouse Solutions now provides Single Sign-On (SSO) for your members so they do not need to enter a username/password when logging into the Members Area.  Please email Support@firehousesolutions.com for the steps required to establish this for your solution.