Introducing Upgraded SmarterMail and

In the next few weeks, the Firehouse Solutions web team will be upgrading SmarterMail to the most recent version.

To review all new features of SmarterMail, feel free to review them here:

In this upgrade, SmarterMail has developed full integration with emClient. emClient is comparable and arguatively more easy to use than Microsoft Outlook, both desktop and mobile apps. Plus, it's FREE with up to 2 email accounts.

To read more about this exciting new partnership with emClient:

Furthermore, the webmail URL of SmarterMail will change from to  This will not affect any device or smartphone settings which should remain  The new official Firehouse Solutions SmarterMail URL is

Finally, we will automatically redirect all web browsers to the new URL. Note: Users may need to re-enter any saved usernames and passwords on their web browser after the switch. 

As we continue into 2024, our focus will be making our tools easier, expanding new high tech offerings, building an API (Application Programming Interface), and continuing to upgrade and streamline each of our current features.