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Idea shared by Ricky Brown - July 19 at 10:24 AM
With social media being the largest outlet for most agencies these days, I feel a website is still very important for the public to obtain contact information and other information about a department.
With that said, I would like to propose the addition of the option to replace the traditional Firehouse Solutions news feed with a news feed that pulls news contents (text, images, video) from the department's social media page and displays it on their Firehouse Solutions site where news stories are currently displayed.  While this may pose some deeper issues/questions such as what to do about news archives (which I am a fan of for historical/research use), it is unfortunately the direction in which technology is pulling.
I feel this feature is very beneficial as I would plan to use it with social media cross-posting and not have to take the time to log in and copy a paste a story from let's say Facebook.  If set up properly with all of your agencies social media accounts, you could quickly make a post on Twitter which would then cross-post everywhere else including your fire department website.
Social media integration and streamlining processes and workflow will be important for future web development.

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Ron Raley Replied
Employee Post
I assume it would depend on how much weight was placed on social media versus an official website.
The three major social media networks in my opinion are Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. I think they are all facing a major problem. Many citizens ditch, avoid, distrust, or ignore all these platforms. Social media is creating it's own stigma.
We cannot hide our biased view, which is to simply consider a website as the primary and official communication tool to manage all information and data. Then, pushing this information and data to social networks.
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Ron would it be possible to go in the opposite direction ie: post to web site and it goes to social media. As it is now a lot of the times I post the same info on both with a link back to the web site for more info. 

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