Introducing New Emergency Alert Screens for Display Boards

We're excited to announce over a dozen new emergency alert screens, which are easy-to-use and customizable.  Currently, the alert screens require an ActiveAlert refresh token and a Google Maps API key.

Activated by ActiveAlert, our display board alert screens provide pertinent information to first responders, including mapping, directions, Google Street View, responding members, incident details, timers, and more.  We also support embed code.  Thus, you can customize information on the emergency alert screen, such as traffic cams, hospital status, hydrants out-of-service, etc.

The maps are built zoomed out and at street level.  Maps can be customized to show roads, terrain, hybrid, and satellite.  Street level maps will render ActiveAlert map data, such as hydrants, water supply sources, hazards, or other data you entered in ActiveAlert.

Display Boards are electronic bulletin boards designed to run 24/7 on a high-definition television.  They are used to assist first responders with helpful, life-saving, and real-time information from your Members Area.

The new emergency alert screens can be reviewed here:

We have a tutorial on how to integrate your display board with ActiveAlert:

Our display board technology is outlined here: