Modifying the Active911 Display when a call is dispatched
Idea shared by Stefan Livingston - 8/6/2018 at 10:01 AM
Is there anyway to tweak the Active911 API to output different information to include a different Map layer instead of google maps (link can be found at laurelrescue.org under resources on our website and GIS mappings).
Is there also a way to display the actual map number as well when the corresponding address comes up? I am generating some of these ideas when I saw a demo of PSIN's digital dashboard. 

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Ron Raley Replied
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Stefan, we understand how this would be valuable.
Do you know if the map system has some type of API?
Also is it popular software for emergency management?
As I'm sure you know we need to review the feasibility, maximum benefit to customers, etc.  Thanks.
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