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Question asked by Alex Zagajewski - 1/12/2021 at 10:08 AM
Hi guys!  Would it be possible to add a custom recurrence feature?  Currently, it does the usual daily, weekly, monthly, etc., but my dept's fire duty crews change recurrence depending on the number of crews we are able to set up.  Currently, we're at 8, for example, so we'd like to be able to recur every 8 days.  Right now, we're doing this in a Google calendar so that works but would rather transition to our dept. site.  This would also be useful for scheduling dept drills which are second and last Thursday of each month.  I know that's a bite more complicated but can it be possible too, please?  Thanks!

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Ron Raley Replied
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Alex, this is available by simply selecting Repeat Daily.  Then Repeat Every 8 Days.

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