2 proposals
Idea shared by JJ Cullen - 8/15/2023 at 2:39 AM
What about an option to put members cell numbers and have a dropdown to select a carrier to receive a text? like for example, on my profile I can put my cell number and select at&t which is my carrier. Then anytime there's an announcement, event reminder, etc, I receive a text.  That's usually how we communicate now, but if I could automate a lot of that, that would be a life saver.  That would also let  members to opt out, if they don't want bothered. 

My other proposal is for a community newsletter and/or community alert sign up. For the newsletter, have it be where someone could sign up or "subscribe" with their email address. on the flip side, we as website admins could upload the newsletter as a pdf document and send it out within the website management area. Similarly with the community alert section, same thing. A community member signs up with their email and/or cell phone number and carrier and in the website management section we as admins could send out a community alert (i.e. flash flood watch, tree down on xyz street, road closure, etc.). 

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