File Uploaders will be Updated to jQuery Technology
Announcement made by Ron Raley - July 20 at 4:25 PM
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You may have noticed that our file uploaders require Adobe Flash. This has worked seamlessly for many years.
Now, however, we are seeing a decline in Flash technology especially since more website traffic goes mobile.
Also, Apple recently decided to make some security updates to Safari that require a user to add a domain as "trusted" before Flash technology will operate properly.
A jQuery file uploader is the way to go! jQuery runs on both desktop and mobile devices. In fact, we have already implemented a jQuery file uploader to the news feature. Give it a shot.
We will be updating uploaders throughout our platform as time permits.
Ron Raley
Firehouse Solutions
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Another great addition.  This new file uploader would be very helpful to mover over the database platform.  This would allow users to add attachments such as photos directly from mobile device while completing database forms such as maintenance records. 

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