Add a password option for public forms (Forms and Databases)
Idea shared by Adrian Doleman - 11/20/2018 at 11:44 AM
It is possible to add a password option feature to pubic forms published in the forms and database section.  The password option would serve as a extra level of security for individuals that arrive at a public form.
For example...The Fire Department utilizes a database form to conduct daily/weekly truck checks for maintenance. To avoid a sign in process and ease of use, the Fire Department utilizes a QR code to direct Fire Department personnel to the form on the website (public form).  Prior to accessing the form on the website, the Fire Department member would be directed to enter a simple password/code to be granted permission to access the form on the website.
Since the QR code may be visible to the "general public"....only those authorized people with the password/code would be granted permission to the the website.
This concept could apply to any "public form" in which information only may be intended for for certain audiences.

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